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Welcome to BTS! We are a participatory, egalitarian congregation. Members lead services, plan courses and events, engage in social action and offer support, bake and build. Inspired to start a new project? Let us know how we can make it happen!


All our services are open to everyone, year-round. Interested in leading a weekday minyan, Shabbat or holiday service? Want to read a section of Torah or chant the haftarah? Whether you already have these skills or want to learn them, we want to hear from you. Call the BTS office and leave a message for Jon Tress.

To volunteer to be part of a monthly weekday minyan or Shabbat rotation, call the office.


Let’s face it—schmoozing over food afterwards is one of the best parts of services on Shabbat and holidays.

To help make this happen, you can:

1. Volunteer to shop, set up and/or clean up; or

2. Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat (Friday night) or Saturday or holiday morning Kiddush.

To volunteer or to sponsor, either alone or with friends, to honor a

birthday, anniversary, special event, your family, to mark a yahrzeit, or just because it’s a mitzvah, please contact the office.

BTS Kashrut Policy


Lifelong Learning is one of BTS’s most active committees.  Members meet regularly to plan a full schedule of events and courses. These include Shabbat Lunch & Learn programs, hands-on workshops, a Yiddish group, Talmud and other text classes, films and speakers. Members also help support and run these events. This year, the BTS Lifelong Learning committee is partnering with the Mandell JCC to launch an exciting new venture: The Neshama Center for Lifelong Learning.  Call the office and leave message for Rabbi Cantor if you’d like to be involved.


Are you interested doing social action? See the list below for some of the projects we are involved in.  Do you have ideas for a new project? Call the BTS office or contact the rabbi at

We volunteer at Loaves and Fishes, a local soup kitchen, help run blood drives and Sunday recycling days. To volunteer, call Lois Galinsky (860)523-5081 or leave a message at the BTS office.

BTS members are dedicated supporters of the Anja Rosenberg Kosher Food Pantry at Jewish Family Services.  In addition to an ongoing collection of non-perishable kosher food items, BTS members donate during the Yom Kippur Project Isaiah collection, as well as donating funds for the purchase of turkeys at Thanksgiving and when they sell their chametz at Passover.

During the spring, summer and fall, we grow fresh vegetables as part of Jessie’s Community Gardens. Leave a message at the BTS office for Godfrey Pearlson if you’d like to join our team of gardeners.

We partner with Jewish Family Service to house Tara’s Closet, which provides clothing for area residents in need and helps promote awareness of mental illness. Some of us are involved in Children’s Reading Partners, reading one-on-one with at-risk students.

We show up at rallies and partner with local Muslim and Christian neighbors for joint activities and projects. Call the office for more information.

Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides a shiva meal to members to have suffered an immediate family loss.  Committee members also send notes of condolence or get wishes and visit members who are homebound or in the hospital. Please let the BTS office know if you or someone you know is ill or in need, and call the office if you’d like to participate in Caring Committee activities.


Our sisterhood is affiliated with Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (, the network for all women who support the mission of enhancing Jewish knowledge, engaging in Jewish life, expanding communal involvement, and supporting klal Yisrael. Join us for fun and companionship, learning and service to our congregation, our community and the Jewish world. To learn more, call the office and leave a message for Ellen Leonard.

House Committee

BTS has a lovely building. And we have a great group of people to help maintain and keep it in tip-top shape. Like to fix stuff, work with contractors, keep the lights on and make sure the HVAC is humming? Call the office to volunteer.

Welcoming (AKA Membership) Committee

Like to plan events? Enjoy meeting with new and old friends, calling folks and making connections? This committee helps build community through Shabbat dinners, a monthly birthday Shabbat, wine and cheese nights and other fun gatherings. Call the office and leave a message for Julie Shifreen if you’d like to be a part of this.


Got a good idea? Want to help make it happen? We’ve raised funds for BTS through tag sales, concerts, raffles, candy and book sales, even a Yiddish Gilbert & Sullivan performance. Call the office if you’d like to get involved.

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