Pesach 5782

Virtual Partners in Creation
Between the Sea and a Hard
Place: the Struggle for Freedom

Sunday, April 3 at 10:30am

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Together, we will reflect on a short Jewish teaching and relate it to the challenges, uncertainties, and opportunities of our own time. Then we'll do some creative writing and expressive art with items easily found around the house.


Please bring a pencil or pen and any kind of paper, plus any kind of art supplies you have: colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, whatever. (Just pencil and paper is okay, too.) Absolutely no experience needed! 


Only one registration is necessary to attend this and all future online Partners in Creation events.


Special In-Person Shabbat Deep Dive
Guess Who's Coming to Seder:
the Many Lives of Elijah the Prophet

Saturday, April 9 at 11am

Meet in person for Shabbat services in the BTS chapel at 10am, then Join Rabbi Cantor's interactive weekly Shabbat Torah and text study. We'll delve into discussion together, and conclude by reciting Kaddish and Kiddush. Email your RSVP to the BTS office or use the button above to enjoy the livestream.


Virtual Friends of Yiddish
Sunday, April 10, 10:30am

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Friends of Yiddish is an informal, mostly English, bilingual drop-in social group which meets to hear a guest speaker or discussion and maybe absorb a Yiddish word or two. Your one-time registration will ensure that you can attend any online Friends of Yiddish event moving forward.

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Selling of Hametz Forms
Due to the BTS Office
Tuesday, April 12, 2pm


Virtual Tangling with Talmud
Special Passover Edition
Wednesday, April 13 at 10:30am

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The Talmud is a rich and lively conversation among many generations. Passionate arguments about law and justice are intertwined with wild stories and musings about the meaning of life. Join in Rabbi Cantor's lively weekly study group and add your own voice to the discussion. No previous experience is required. New participants are always welcome. 


Virtual Siyyum Bekhorim
Special Passover Edition
Friday, April 15 at 7:30am

It is traditional for first-born and only children to fast on the eve of Passover in memory of the 10th plague, when their lives were spared. That obligation is lifted if they attend a siyyum, a celebration of a completion of learning. Rabbi Cantor has been studying some texts related to Pesah, and will share some of that learning with you on the moring before Passover. Afterwards, she'll invite you to join her in a virtual se'udah shel mitzvah - a meal connected with a mitzvah (an offer you may not refuse according to Jewish law.) The only catch: it's virtual this year, so you gotta provide your own bagels and OJ. 


Chag Sameach!
Enjoy Your Seder at Home
Friday, April 15


In-Person Morning Services for
Shabbat and the First Day of Passover
Saturday, April 16 at 10am

Email your RSVP to the BTS office or use the button above to enjoy the livestream.


Chag Sameach!
Enjoy Your Seder at Home
Saturday, April 16


Virtual Regular Weekday Minyan
Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm


In-Person Evening Services for
Shabbat Yom Tov (7th  Day of Pesach)
Friday, April 22 at 7pm

Email your RSVP to the BTS office or use the button above to enjoy the livestream.


In-Person Services for Shabbat
and the 8th Day of Pesach
(Including Yizkor)
Saturday, April 23 at 10am

Email your RSVP to the BTS office or use the button above to enjoy the livestream.