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BTS is a wonderful place to celebrate your child's or grandchild’s birth or adoption and welcome him or her into the Jewish community! We are delighted to help you capture the joy and spiritual significance of this moment, and Rabbi Cantor is available to help you plan your family’s ceremony.


Contact our office and speak with her to begin the conversation!

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Yes…your child or grandchild can become a bar or bat mitzvah at BTS! The process of becoming a Jewish young adult should be joyful and meaningful, not fraught with pressure and anxiety. Rabbi Cantor and our recommended tutors are happy to work with BTS member families whose children are reaching bar/bat mitzvah age to create a warm, memorable experience. The rabbi develops a special, supportive relationship with each child and tutors can accommodate children with a range of special needs.

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BTS welcomes those curious about Judaism to our community, where they are embraced as they make their journey toward becoming a Jew. Conversion to Judaism requires serious study, active participation in Jewish holiday and lifecycle events, and, finally, a ritual moment of acceptance and affirmation. Rabbi Cantor encourages all those who may be interested in learning more about Judaism to enroll in the course, “Introduction to Basic Judaism," co-taught by Rabbi Cantor and her colleagues. This year’s class begins in January 2021 and will meet virtually via Zoom.


For more information, or to register,

email Rabbi Richard Plavin 

or call him at 860-573-4503.  

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Illness and Healing

At BTS, we seek to support our members and their families through difficult times. Please call the office at 860-243-3576 to let us know if someone is ill or in the hospital so that we can reach out.


We are always happy to add your name or a loved one’s name to our Mi Shebeyrach healing prayer list,

which we recite each Shabbat. 

More prayers and creative rituals around illness

and healing can be found here and here.

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Death and Mourning

The end of life is marked by traditional Jewish rituals which honor the life of the deceased while providing comfort to those who mourn. These include reciting the Shema, tearing a black ribbon or piece of clothing, caring for the deceased’s body in a dignified manner, burial, sitting shiva and reciting Kaddish. At a time of loss, we seek to be surrounded by a loving community and guided in a knowledgeable and supportive manner.


Rabbi Cantor is available to BTS members and their families whenever the need arises. In case of a death (or imminent death), please contact the BTS office at 860-243-3576 or Rabbi Cantor directly at 860-463-0986. When Rabbi Cantor is away, there is always someone on call for her, and there is an emergency number given on the synagogue answering machine. Arrangements for cemetery plots are handled

by BTS member Robert Berman.

He can be reached at 860-930-7544

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Marriage and 

A Jewish wedding is a moment of deep connection and communal joy. BTS is a beautiful place to celebrate your commitment ceremony or wedding. Please contact the office and Rabbi Cantor to begin the conversation!

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