Weekly Worship

Welcome Shabbat

Fridays at 7pm

Gather online (or by telephone) with Rabbi Cantor to celebrate Shabbat by singing some niggunim (melodies), sharing words of Torah and making Kiddush together. At the end, we'll recite a Prayer for Healing and Mourners' Kaddish. BYOC (candles, challah, cup for Kiddush).

Shabbat Deep Dive

Saturdays at 11am

Join Rabbi Cantor's interactive weekly Shabbat Torah and text study. After a short Torah reading, we'll delve into a section of the portion together, and conclude by reciting Kaddish and Kiddush (bring your own wine!).

Weekly Minyan

Wednesdays at 7pm

Join us for a brief service to daven and say Kaddish.

Holidays and Special Events

Siyyum Bekhorim

with Rabbi Debra S. Cantor

Thursday March 25, 8:30am

It is traditional for first-born and only children to fast on the eve of Passover in memory of the 10th plague, when their lives were spared. That obligation is lifted if they are invited to a siyyum, a celebration of a completion of learning. Rabbi Cantor has been studying some texts related to Pesah, and will share some of that learning with you on the moring before Passover. Afterwards, she'll invite you to join her in a virtual se'udah shel mitzvah - a meal connected with a mitzvah (an offer you may not refuse according to Jewish law.) The only catch: it's virtual this year, so you gotta provide your own bagels and OJ. 

Passover Yizkor Services

with Rabbi Debra S. Cantor

Sunday April 4, 11am

Join us to recall departed family and friends and connect to the traditions and love they gave us. We will also use this opportunity to mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. One registration is all that’s needed to attend this and any future online Yizkor event.

BTS Sisterhood Shabbat

Friday May 7, 7pm

Join the BTS Sisterhood as our annual tradition continues with a special Shabbat service led by our members.  Since the days of Torah, there has been a special place for mothers in Jewish hearts and we’ll be honoring them together this year. All are welcome. One click is all it takes to attend this service and any online BTS Friday evening Shabbat worship in the future.

Please note that, in order to preserve the sanctity and security of our worship and study, advance registration is required for all online BTS/Neshama events. Registration is required only once for any recurring event. you will receive confirmation by email and a reminder email with an event link 15 minutes prior to your meeting. 

Thank you for your interest and participation. We look forward to gathering with you.

BTS/Neshama events are open to all and are offered free of charge unless otherwise noted.

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